Powerful insights that gear your business for growth

Traffic & Trends
Real-time measuring of store traffic

Shop Traffic
Conversion Rates
Benchmarking of Stores

Shopper Flow
In-depth analysis of Shopper journey

Heatmaps of Shopper Journey
Customer Flow
Dwell Time
Dwell Zones
Shopper Routes

Queue Management
Digitally manage checkout counter efficiency

Abandonment Rate
Service Time
Employee Optimization
Alarms & Alerts

Centrally manage all operations

Synchronize all your business channels
Map Online & Retail data points
Track shoppers across your value chain

Shopper Analysis
Tracking shopper behavior for informed decision making

Shopper Transit
Category Assessment
Shopper Engagement
Product Interactions
Shopper & Conversion Funnels
Lost Shopper Analysis
Shelf Heat Maps
A/B & Hypothesis Testing
Competitive & Basket Size Analysis
Visit, Engagement, Interaction & Conversion Tracking

Shelf Power Tools
Enhancing functionality of your assets & displays

Digital displays to attract and engage shoppers
Planogram Compliance
OOS – Out of Stock Tracking
Centralize and change pricing with one-click
Shopper Demographics/Facial Analysis


Our solutions can help Connect, Analyze & Optimize a wide rage of industries

Retail & Malls: Shopping Malls, Big Box Stores & Chain Stores
Transportation: Airports
Hospitality: Hotels & Restaurants
Events: Festivals, Conferences & Expos
Public/Government Managed Spaces
Health & Education: Hospitals & Schools